Public Lifts and step Lifts

Safe and easy accessibility for all wheelchair users

Public access for disabled people is an essential part of every public building. Platform lifts are the most common solution to overcoming barriers to wheelchair users. 
Step lifts and ramps are also other popular options that are to be considered,
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The Importance of installing a Platform Lift in your public building

In the UK alone the Disability Rights Commission are considering in excess of 20,000 cases (as at May 2007) for prosecution against service providers and employers who have not made the necessary adjustments to make their premises accessible to disabled people.
Fines of up to £50,000 can be imposed should you be found to be in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act.
Public access for disabled people is an essential part of every public building. Platform lifts are the most common solution.
Available as either a vertical rise platform lift or, where space is limited for this application, as an inclined rail platform lift which follows the contours of the staircase and folds neatly away when not in use. Even “portable” vertical rise units are available for situations where regular, permanent installations are not practical, or simply not always required.
Costs are only a fraction of those associated with conventional elevators, and they can be installed quickly and with a minimum of building work or disruption . 
The majority are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Public Access Lifts

Public Access Lifts → Access Orion

Hydraulic platform lift to be installed in a masonry shaft.
Orion is a vertical platform lift, which can be installed in a standard-build shaft way, with a minimum pit depth of 8 cm.
The hydraulic lifting system is energy efficient. The width of the platform can be tailored to your needs, from 66 cm to a maximum of 180 cm.
Thanks to its innovative design, Orion is both quick and easy to install. The quality of materials used, as well as the large range of colours and finishes available, make Orion integrate perfectly into the surroundings.
Built in strict conformity with all current European norms, Orion is safe and reliable. It is certified to CE, IMQ and TÜV.

  • Capacity – max 300kg
  • Stops – max 5
  • Travel – max 15.1m
  • Pit – 80mm to 100mm
  • Speed – 15 cm/s
  • Motor output – max 2.8 KW
  • Power supply – 230 volt 50 Hz
  • Norm compliance – 2006/42/EC
  • Type certification – CE and TUV
  • Choice of a fully enclosed cabin (2 or 3 walls) or a platform with or without false ceiling (1 wall)
  • Telephone in cab

 Public Access Lifts → Access Vector

The Vector is a vertical platform lift, especially designed to easily fit into your building. You don’t even need to dig a deep pit in the floor; and, although we do recommend a 5 cm recess, a drive up ramp is an option.
The Vector has proven to be a very safe design and meets all the demands of today. The Vector is a platform lift, a shaft and an engine room all in one, making installation simple, without requiring any major structural alterations or drastic architectural adaptations. The standard carrying capacity is 400 kg and this can be upgraded to 630 kg. Operating in some countries up to 9 m high, the safety features include “hold to run” controls and an operating speed of 0.15 m/s.
  • Increased carrying capacity to 630 kg
  • Automatic door openers
  • School locking
  • Different platform sizes in length (128 or 198 cm) or width (90 or 110 cm)
  • Door on the long side of the shaft
  • Fold-up seat
  • Automatic emergency lowering

Wessex LR steplift range

Steplifts provide both wheelchair and pedestrian access to the existing doorway. Suitable for internal or external applications.
  • Practical – provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway – inside or outside
  • Easy to Use – convenient controls (remote option available) and shallow approach ramp
  • Easy installation – self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a smooth flat surface, such as concrete or tarmac and can easily be installed in a day
  • Cost effective – often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited
  • Reliable – battery back-up provides normal operation (up to 30 cycles) in case of power cut
  • Low maintenance – annual servicing recommended. Maintenance contract available
  • Safe – built in the UK to BS 6440 by a Company with over 30 years’ experience in mobility and access products
  • Versatile – models are available to travel upto 2m with bridging steps or alternatively with upper gate protection
Terry Steplift 1000 technical spec
  • Application range: can be sited internally or externally for wheelchair users only
  • Maximum safe working load: 250kg
  • Closed height: 75mm
  • Maximum height served: 1000mm
  • Power supply electrical requirements: 220 / 240V~50 / 60 Hz-13A single phase
  • Low voltage control system: 24V DC
  • Operating temperature rang: -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C
  • Safety: automatic wheelchair arrestor mechanism and full battery back-up. Constant pressure controls
  • Drive:bellows enclosed hydraulic scissor mechanism
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